Why Are EMFs Harmful?

Your body runs on electrical impulses. In fact, you have your own measurable energy field! Electrical signals carry messages from your nerves to your brain. Your heart beats in response to electricity (that’s why people with certain heart problems use pacemakers). 

When your body is surrounded by conflicting electromagnetic fields, especially strong ones, it has to compete with these external signals. This causes stress on a cellular level… it can affect your hormones, your mood, your energy levels, and much more.

How Do EMFs Cause Weight Gain?

The cells in our body are directed by microtubules. These can go into "danger mode" when they are bombarded with EMF radiation. It is a cellular lockdown that inhibits cell functions, for example metabolism. If our metabolism is slowed, we have trouble losing weight because of this.

Another issue is that all free radicals, or poisons, in the body are deposited in our fat cells to protect us from further harm. Toxin accumulation in our fat cells, on the other hand, is not only dangerous; it also contributes to further weight gain because those same cells are hesitant to release any potentially toxic chemicals.

What about EMFs and Cancer?

Studies have shown increased rates of cancer due to EMF exposure. Much more research needs to be done, but the World Health Organization considers EMFs a “possible carcinogen” based on increased risk of glioma (a type of brain cancer).

EMFs have also been linked to increased risk of breast cancer, as this article at the Suzan G. Koman foundation shows.

Studies also point to a link between leukemia and EMFs.

Can EMFs Affect My Fertility?

According to the National Survey of Family Growth, one out of every eight couples in the United States has difficulty conceiving.

Male fertility is particularly afflicted. According to scientific studies, sperm count and quality decreased by more than 50% between 1973 and 2011, with no signs of improvement in recent years, with a staggering 20% of young men aged 18-25 being classified as "sub fertile." 

Repeated exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been related to lower fertility in both men and women in a number of studies. The findings show that EMF radiation has a negative impact on human sex hormones and testicular function, as well as embryonic development, fetal development, and pregnancy. 

Can I Wear My Defense Pendant to Sleep?

The Defense Pendant is perfectly safe to sleep with! You can wear it as usual, or you can keep it under your pillow.

In fact, if you sleep with your phone in your room, it’s a good idea to have the Defense Pendant with you at night.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Pendant?

We’ll get the pendant to you within 3-5 business days (international shipping may take more time).

What’s in the Pendant That Makes it Work?

Between the front and back of your Defense Pendant, there’s a layer containing tourmaline and 36 other minerals.

Tourmaline is a gemstone that’s known for its healing properties. Not only that, but it generates more negative ions than any other stone! 

Together with the minerals, the amazing “magic middle” of the Defense Pendant creates over 10,000 cc negative ions. Because EMF radiation puts off positive ions, the negative ions in your pendant balance out or block the harmful positive ions.

You can learn more about negative ions here.

Where can I find more information on EMFs?

For in-depth information on electromagnetic fields, including research, guidelines, and policy, you can visit  https://www.emfs.info

Are there other ways to lower EMF exposure?

Yes, there many products that help reduce EMF exposure. Visit www.YourEMFShield.com to learn more.

Why is the Defense Pendant the best?

We did a lot of research and the Defense Pendant’s mineral layers can’t be beat. The scientific rationale behind this technology is solid.

Are children more susceptible to EMFs?

Due to their small size and rapidly developing neurological system, children are particularly sensitive to EMFs. For this reason, France recently banned Wifi in nursery schools, and limited it in elementary schools. To learn more about EMFs and children, go here: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/116/2/e303

What about 5G radiation?

There has been a lot of conflict over the safety of 5G radiation. 5G doesn’t operate on one frequency but uses Low, Medium, and High band frequencies. The effects of 5G on our bodies and the environment are unknown, and many countries have banned its use. For example, in 2020 Switzerland’s called a halt to 5G development until there’s proof that it’s harmless.