It’s simple to set up your EMF Shield Home Protection System! We have a clear and easy-to-follow instruction guide here ready so you can make your home and office safe the instant you receive your package.

When it comes to protecting your home from EMF radiation, one of the best things you can do is install one large EMF metal plate on your fuse box or WiFi router and the rest of the small plates on the outer walls or outlets.

These metal plates work to shield your home from harmful electromagnetic fields, and they're easy to install.

  • If you have a standard-size home, you will need the small package with 1 large shield and 6 small shields.

    A standard-size home is equivalent to a typical three-bedroom, two-bathroom house. The average square footage of a standard-size home is 1,500 to 2,600 square feet.
  • If you have a larger home, you will need the large package with 2 large shields and 12 small shields.

    A home that is 3,000 square feet or more is considered a large size home
  • If you have multiple fuse boxes in your home, you may be wondering if you need more than two packages of EMF shields.

    The answer is NO! As long as all of your fuse boxes are connected to the same electricity meter.

    This is because the shields can be placed on the fuse box closest to the meter or to the WiFi router, and they will work to protect your entire home from EMF exposure.


  • Once you have chosen the size of EMF package you need for your home, you’re all set to install these metal plates.
  • The large plates that come in the package should be placed inside the fuse box, facing the circuit breakers. This will ensure that the majority of EMF waves are deflected away from you and your family.
  • You can also choose to put the large metal plates on your WiFi router.
  • The 4 small metal plates can be placed on outlets on the four outer walls of your space. Simply place the plates opposite to each other on the top and bottom floors, with one on the east and north walls. This will help to reflect and disperse EMF energy coming from the outside.
  • If you have spare EMF metal plates, place them on other outlets in your home, you will need at least 1 for each outlet.
  • Once the metal plates are in place, they will begin to work immediately, blocking up to 99% of EMF radiation.
  • Each plate is made with a special adhesive that won't damage your devices or leave any residue.


  • If your fuse box is not easily accessible, you can still use EMF metal plates by placing them on the WiFi router or on the outlet where you use the most.
  • Just like the instruction above, the 4 small metal plates should be used on the four outer walls of your space.
  • The remaining plates can be used for other outlets you have at home. You only need 1 plate for each outlet.


Can I move the EMF Shield Home Protection System from one place to another?

  • If you need to move the metal plates to another location, you can. The plates are made with a material that allows them to be removed and reused.
  • Gently peel it away from the surface. Once the plate is removed, you can place it in another location.

Can I just purchase one or two metal plates instead of the whole package?

  • It's important to note that if you do this, only those areas will be protected. The rest of your home will remain unprotected from EMF radiation.

How does EMF Shield Home Protection System work?

  • They work by absorbing and dissipating the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are emitted by the electrical wiring and devices in your home or office.
  • This reduces the amount of EMF exposure that you receive from the devices you have at home and can help to reduce the negative health effects that have been linked to EMF exposure.

What if I have two or more fuse boxes?

  • As discussed above, if you have two or more fuse boxes, you can place the large metal plates directly on the fuse box near the electric meter or on your WiFi router.

Is the EMF Shield Home Protection System portable?

  • Yes. You can actually buy another package wherein you can bring with you when you travel to other places. You can stick the EMF metal plates to the hotel and condo where you will be staying and remove them when you have to go.

Do I still need to use separate EMF stickers for my gadgets if I have installed the Home Protection System already?

  • If you have installed an EMF Home Protection System, you can choose to use separate EMF stickers for your gadgets if you take them outside. This is because the home protection system only protects the area inside your house. Once you step outside, you are no longer protected by the system.

When should I replace my EMF Shield Home Protection System?

  • They are designed to last as long as you need them! We use the highest quality materials and construction methods available to ensure that our products can stand up to daily use.
  • BUT if it starts to show signs of wear and tear, it's probably time to replace it in order to avoid a decrease in the performance of blocking EMF radiation.

Are there any alternatives I can use to block EMF aside from this kit?

  • Yes, there are other ways to block EMF radiation. One popular way is to wear an EMF DEFENSE Bracelet or EMF Defense Pendant that has been specifically designed for this purpose.
  • These products work by emitting a field of negative ions to neutralize EMF radiation around you and can be worn at all times. This is especially convenient for people who are always on the go and using different gadgets or devices throughout the day.

How will I know if a device emits radiation and needs this kit?

  • If you are unsure whether a device emits radiation, you can check for a sticker that says the device meets FCC standards. If the device does not have this sticker, it may still emit radiation. To be sure, you can contact the manufacturer of the device and ask about their radiation testing procedures.
  • In many cases, however, even FCC-approved electronics emit more EMF radiation than they are supposed to. In addition, the combination of electronics within your home or office adds up to a substantial amount of radiation, which is not factored in with FCC standards.
  • In general, any device or appliance that’s used near your body or uses wifi, cellular service, or electricity (especially smart meters, baby monitors, appliances, and anything using wifi, cellular or Bluetooth) will benefit from this EMF kit.

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